Mahogany furniture market potential is still
The scene there is an of Hainan pear independence plate tea table, the price of 28 million yuan. Sales personnel, Hainan pear Chinese mahogany king, the material is bar chairs boss early years of the closing over, made products have been five or six years: "At that time received over the price is not too high and later mahogany prices soaring no resources, the more precious. finished product prices compared with a decade ago, turned ten times. "

Wu Zuxi analysis, mainly due to rising material and labor wages, causing the prices of mahogany furniture: "Suddenly, mahogany is something very precious resources are extremely scarce, due to slow growth, low yield, increasing prices high Hainan pear pub stools basic no raw materials available the rosewood market price 400000-1000000 yuan / ton, Rosewood in 4-80000 yuan / ton, lobular red sandalwood material price is surprisingly high and then a more expensive labor costs, I remember three years ago I went to the Dongyang go, a good carving wages of about 200 per day, now normal good carving a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. "
Author:  Zhejiang Mingjiangnan Furniture Co., Ltd.
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