Custom furniture market prospects
Many customers need to meet the diverse needs of a limited space, so creative, personalized custom furniture industry has become home fashion.

Recently, in the field of furniture, custom Wind bar chairs interpreted in full swing. Insiders, compared to finished furniture, custom furniture rise began in the beginning of this century, is the sub-category of the furniture industry, this category formation time is relatively short, but the rapid development of customized, holistic "these terms have been has become the most popular home design community nouns.

National Federation of Furniture Industry Association the Li Guohua Secretary-General said, with the changes in consumer attitudes, people constantly on the a home personalized,pub chairs humane, intelligent, of the health and function of the pursuit. The next 10 years, China will enter the secondary decorative decoration peak, plus 80 on the pursuit of personalized, customized furniture will usher in a blowout development. According to the United States, home business magazine survey, custom furniture and household products market share is only 6.7%, while Europe and the United States reached 70%, which will evoke the pursuit of high-quality home life.
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