Watch 2013 overall Home Show
2013 wardrobe Exhibition upgrade for the whole household Expo in the tradition of previous wardrobe exhibition based on the show will expand to the cabinets, doors, windows, stairs, floors, bamboo home, outdoor furniture, furniture, wooden huts, soft loading,bar chairsshower room, bathroom ceramics and a total of 13 pan-home industry segments. Statistics According to the organizers, the exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, attracted nearly 500 exhibitors, the exhibition concept flow capacity of 68,000, the exhibition scale ahead.

Competing against the big gathering. The show has always been a show exhibitors concentrated on their own products, corporate culture, and brand image and excellent leisure chair publicity channels, which the product is a showcase of the best card of the concept of corporate brand and manufacturing process. In this exhibition, we can easily find, intelligent products, materials diversification, style matching of chill out, indicates that the product design as a starting point to enhance the user experience and improve the way of life, will become a new generation of whole wardrobe even home supplies mainstream.

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