Furniture industry testing standards and promote furniture paint again raise the standard

It is reported, is studying the making furniture environmental testing new standard "(hereinafter referred to as the" new standard ") is expected to be formally promulgated and implemented, the new standards are more and more strict supervision of the furniture industry. The new standards will try to replace breakage detection using non-destructive testing, and intends to adopt the climate chamber test "to replace the existing atmospheric detection.

The so-called "climate chamber test" is to maintain constant temperature and humidity room for testing, can accurately reflect the submission Furniture toxic, harmful substances as a whole the actual release. Climate chamber test "can make a decision on the emission of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, as long as there is a material environmental standards, can be embodied in the comprehensive test results. I believe that the introduction of the two detection methods will be well positioned to meet consumer demand for environmental protection.

Issued by the new standards introduced, the furniture industry is undoubtedly good news. The environmental performance of traditional furniture detection method is proportional sampling detection, so that a certain degree of damage caused to the furniture, the furniture can not be detected sale or use. Non-destructive testing, test results, to avoid the damage caused by the detection leisure chair of a single product, saves resources, but will not have any impact on the sale and use.

The new standard in the furniture industry, more and more strict supervision while a higher demand for furniture "coat" --- furniture paint. Home environmental testing new standards "promulgated and implemented for furniture, paint industry is huge. New standards to improve the market access threshold for furniture, paint products;bar stools integrated furniture paint industry industry; clean lacquer furniture industry. The new standard indicates that the furniture industry, more and more standardized, reasonable, but also directly increase the monitoring efforts of the furniture, paint products, furniture, paint companies have to keep improving their own technical problems, improve product quality and environmental performance, in order to meet the development of the furniture industry needs.

In addition, the new standard for furniture requirements of environmental protection has increased the demand of the market for water-based coatings, UV lacquer furniture and other environmentally friendly products, furniture, paint companies can promote industrial upgrading, improve the level of production technology and promote the development and integration of the industry as a whole. Thanks to the introduction of new standards, with good competitiveness, is engaged in the development and promotion of environmentally friendly furniture paint furniture, paint companies will get a new round of development opportunities, and some fish in the production of cottage and fake and shoddy products companies will market eliminated.

The face of people's health, the sublimation of the concept of environmental protection, as well as furniture environmental testing new standard for the implementation of this new situation, furniture, paint companies need innovation, advance with the times, improve themselves and improve product quality, to meet the market development needs can be brimming with confidence to meet new opportunities for development.

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