Furniture, home decoration protagonist
Furniture, home decoration protagonist, its versatility and practicality, determines its price, it is not always possible to replace thefurniture, bar chairs its maintenance is particularly important.

The ground level: the ground to place furniture must remain flat, four legs secure level ground, bogey put uneven ground, often Shamblesevent after the placement of the furniture in the course of time will make the tenon or fasteners loose, sticky junction portion ofcracking,pub chairs of course, will affect the service life of the furniture. Been accustomed to the use of timber, iron sheets, furniture legpad to correct the uneven ground and obtained Furniture smooth, this approach is defective. The pad material moving slightly, the samemake furniture instability. Even if the pad level, due to force uneven furniture that will eventually affect the internal structure. The solution is a modification of the ground, to achieve the purpose of furniture legs flat or slightly larger than the area of a hard plastic plate.
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